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Book your next party at Floyd!

Floyd is a great spot for groups large and small. Although we don't take reservations, we do maintain a party calendar for groups larger than 20.   Once you’re on our calendar, depending on the size of the group, we’ll let anyone else inquiring about that day and time know that we are already booked up.  This helps prevent overcrowding.  But we don’t reserve tables or seating.  We suggest arriving a little before your guests and find a spot you like and claim it as your own. (See below for more details.)



To book, please email 

Floyd Party FAQs

Do you ever reserve the bocce courts?
No, the bocce courts are never reserved for parties or individuals. There is a sign-up sheet to the right of the courts. If there is someone on them when you arrive please sign up for the next available slot. 


Can I bring in outside food and do you provide plates, napkins, or utensils?
You are welcome to bring in outside food in reasonable quantities and set it up in whatever space you claim. Please bring your own plates, napkins, and utensils. We ask that you clean up afterwards. 


What if I want to pay for my group?

We do have a few options available to you:

1) Drink Tickets.  We can sell drink tickets to you for $8/ticket.  This would be for any beer, wine or well drink.  You would be able to hand these out to guests as you like.  You would purchase them from the bartender when you arrive.  (We do ask that you pay a 20% tip when purchasing the tickets.)

2) Wristbands.  Wristbands are a good way to open a tab for your group and for our staff to identify who is with your group.  You would just let us know how many wristbands you'd like and we'd have those for you when you arrive.  You would leave your credit card with the bartender at the beginning of the event to receive the wristbands.  There are a couple of ways you can put limitations on this option:

  • a) You can cap the tab at any dollar amount.  The bartender will keep an eye on it for you and then let you know when you’ve hit the cap.  

  • b) You can also limit the types of drinks that guests can order.  You might want to limit it to any beer, wine and well.  Or you can exclude top shelf premium alcohols.  


IMPORTANT:  If you are considering one of the wristband options, we ask that you alert us to those details in advance via email so that staff is prepared.  Also, we do ask that you pay a 20% tip when purchasing the wristbands.


Why is a tip being included with the above payment options?

Since most guests do not tip in an ‘open bar’ type situation, we add it to the point of purchase so that our staff can be appropriately paid for the event.

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